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Privacy Policy

At RI, the protection of personal information is fully recognized as a fundamental right and we recognize protecting client’s personal information is our responsibility. We made our privacy policy as indicated below, wekeep persistent effort to protect personal information.

RI Inc. CEO Makoto Baba

Collection of Personal Information

When you use this site, it may happen that RI collects your personal information. The collection of information is done in minimum amount to achieve the purpose. RI manages personal information according to the "LawRegarding the Protection of Private Information“

Secure Management and Protection of Personal Information

RI manages personal information seriously so that it is not used improperly, lost, damaged, falsified or leaked. RI does not disclose acquired personal information without the consent of the provider. In addition, it is impossiblefor any user who logs into this site to see any of personal information we collected.

Utilizing Personal Information

When RI collects personal information, as a rule, we announce the purpose of collecting personal information in advance. RI uses personal information only for that announced purpose. RI does not provide personal information to third parties without the consent of the provider.

Review of Privacy Policy

RI makes continuous effort in improving our rule for personal information. As a result, privacy policy might change time to time. If RI changes our privacy policy, we will announce as soon as possible.

Inquiry about Privacy Policy

If you have any question or complaint, please contact to below indicated place. RI Administration Dept.
RI Administration Dept.
TEL 03-3380-1313 FAX 03-5342-2766 e-mail:i-info@riweb.co.jp